Zuli - Cutting edge smart home technology.


Zuli was a smart home company that created energy-efficient and connected home devices.


At Zuli, I was responsible for the end-to-end design process, from conceptualization to implementation.

I collaborated closely with stakeholders, conducted user research, and translated insights into intuitive and visually appealing product designs. I took pride in creating user-centric experiences, iterating based on feedback, and ensuring a seamless and delightful interface.

My role encompassed wireframing, prototyping, and delivering high-fidelity designs, all while maintaining a consistent brand identity. Ultimately, I played a critical role in driving the success of Zuli's products through effective design solutions.


Product Design
Web Design
Creative Direction
Brand Design
Marketing Design
Packaging Design

Production Jam

︎︎︎ Zuli App

One of my first tasks when I joined Zuli was to help create the other half of the product experience - the Zuli App. The high level goal was to enable users to control lights or appliances they plug into a Zuli Smartplug. 

The primary way for a consumer to interact with the product (and our brand) is through the app. The hardware is meant to essentially blend in with the home and disappear. Nailing the app experience was key.


iOS App

The app experience was completely modular. This is so it's not only visually flexible for customization, but so additional products and 3rd party partnerships can be incorporated in the future.

The setup process was revised 40+ times prior to launch.

The hard work paid off, as the setup is one of the highlights of many of our customers reviews and experiences.

︎︎︎ Website

The website was built on three different platforms. Wordpress for the main sections, Shopify for the storefront and Zendesk for support.

We shot original lifestyle photography and video to help present relatable product scenarios inside real environments.

Winner of both an Honoree Webby, and an Awwwards Honorable Mention.

︎︎︎ Packaging

Packaging was outside of my wheelhouse, so we worked closely with Astro Studios who provided both box concepts and much needed production guidance.

The sleeve designs involved myself, a 3D artist, and a photoshoot for the lifestyle image on the back. After almost a year of work getting the packaging from concept to reality, nothing can beat opening the fully completed box for the first time.

︎︎︎ Marcom & everything in-between

Outside of the large slow moving projects are all the things I built along the way.